Importance of Hydration

Water is essential to life. And it plays an important role in exercise, especially for thermoregulation. Inadequate hydration or dehydration not only affects performance, but also causes serious health complication or even death, if not managed properly. In Singapore’s hot and humid weather, the risk of dehydration through sweat loss during exercise is even more significant. Fluid loss of 3%-5% of body weight results in cardiovascular strain and impaired function to dissipate heat. Collapse is likely at 7% loss. [1] ​
Here are several tips on combating dehydration during exercise:
  • Drink adequate amounts of water to cool down your body and combat dehydration
  • Drink beyond your point of thirst
  • Thirst signifies dehydration
  • Always bring along a drinking bottle with cold water when training and exercising
  • Drink sufficient fluids to prevent overheating
  • Avoid strong coffee or alcohol as they causes water loss more rapidly
The guidelines for proper hydration are shown below [2]
​Amount consumed
30 minutes before exercise
Every 30 minutes during exercise
​Around 1.5 kg replenishment for every kg of bodyweight loss
​After exercise


  • Drink plain water, not soft drinks, tea or coffee.
  • It is also recommended to consume isotonic or sports drinks for any activities lasting more than an hour.

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