About Raffles Gymnastics Academy

Founded in 2008, the privately managed Raffles Gymnastics Academy has produced many credible gymnasts and won many awards. The Academy’s vision is to realize a child’s dream of becoming a gymnast of tomorrow.

The Academy emphasize on the quality of its various gymnastics programmes by employing qualified and experienced local and international coaches.

The Academy offers a wide range of both recreational and competitive programmes. It also organises birthday parties, anniversary functions and boot camps. The Founder & CEO takes a personal interest in all feedback and suggestions. It has a well-maintained, fully-equipped and air-conditioned gymnasium at the Upper Bukit Timah location.

The Academy keeps its coaches abreast of knowledge, skills and developments in the gymnastics field. It has a Vision and Mission Statement to direct its time and resources and a Code of Core Values to ensure consistent customer service and good value deliveries. Goals and aspirations of the Academy are also set up to focus the coaches’ and staff members’ efforts.

The Academy is proud to introduce a new division – Fitness & Wellness in 2018 to cater to the fitness and health needs of our customers. Not only do we offer quality gymnastics programmes for all ages, we also offer fitness & wellness programmes for the fitness and health conscious.

In short, the Academy is strongly committed to developing good gymnasts and promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle for all by offering a rich variety of programmes for every individual and institution.


We are driven by passion to provide world-class gymnastics activities to those who aspire to be the gymnasts of tomorrow. Through recreational or competitive programmes, we strive to excel and realize the highest potential in every child, making his or her dreams come true.


Our mission is to provide a fun, safe and progressive gymnastics programme for each and every child.


    We are professional in coaching our pupils but without a doubt, gentle and caring for their well-being.
    We believe that each pupil is an individual with his/her own uniqueness, and grows at his/her own pace.
    We show respect for their parents, understand their concerns and be proactively helpful to them.
    We are sincere in our interactions with one another.
    We are a disciplined workforce and are committed to achieving excellence in our set goals.


  • It is all about gymnastics.
  • We keep our coaches abreast of knowledge, skills and developments in the gymnastics field.
  • Awards measure our standards. They are important. But more importantly is the standard we set for ourselves in the pursuit of excellence in gymnastics.
  • The Academy satisfies the needs and expectations of parents, guardians and students.
  • The Academy will adapt and change with the times to keep it current to meet the demands of tomorrow.